Everything a Chief Technology Officer does, as a Service.

Neerventure was founded in 2017 by Marc van Neerven.

Neerventure helps startups, scaleups & ISVs with everything it takes to scale development & solutions in the Cloud.


Neerventure is a Microsoft Partner and is recognised by Microsoft's Startup division as a scaleup mentor and technical accelerator.

Neerventure works in The Netherlands but has clients across Europe.

CTO-as-a-Service Subscriptions

A CTO-as-a-Service Subscription is a model in which Neerventure assists you and your startup or scaleup with anything a Chief Technology Officer would do.

A CTO-as-a-Service Subscription is normally a longer term engagement in which CTO Services are provided for an average of 1 or 2 days a week.
Being part-time and working partly on premises, partly remote (to be discussed), an important contribution to your startup or scaleup can still be made. The reasons for this are obvious:

  1. The difficult stuff is more easily addressed, and truth is much easier told by an external consultant. It's that simple.
  2. It's just better to involve an experienced professional, who has already dealt with similar situations, and has practical experience with applying best practices.
  3. For any startup or scaleup, a large network comes in handy. Investors, Cloud Providers, Technical Partners, Program Groups, Recruiters and Head Hunters are suddenly really close.
  4. A fundamental part of CTO-as-a-Service is meticulous note taking and documenting. In addition, uncovering what's hidden and documenting what's undocumented is just a natural extension of what I do.
    If, at some point, you feel that I don't add value anymore, you're probably already in a much better place.
Marc has made a great strategic contribution to [us] in a short space of time in terms of attracting the best IT people, choosing Saas as a business model, choosing cloud architecture, bringing in major sponsor funds, improving our agile process and quality assurance. - Hank Moonen | CEO TaxModel

Quickscans & other Consultancy

Neerventure provides consultancy to startups, scaleups and ISVs about all the aspects of building modern Cloud Solutions.

Here are some of the most popular topics:

  • Cloud Architecture Advice
  • Legacy to Cloud advice
  • TCO / Cost Optimisation advice
  • GDPR compliance checking
  • Security Scanning
  • Scalability Optimisation
  • Feasibility Studies / PoCs / Prototypes
Marc has helped [us] by providing quick diagnostics on our landscape and describing potential routes to follow in relation to using, primarily, Azure technology. Apart from his quick grasp of the matter I appreciate Marc's understanding of organisational relations that are involved in change processes. - Michiel Ooms | CTO @ Powerpeers

Consultancy can be provided in any form needed, but the Quickscan is a popular model that includes an intake/kick-off, research phase and a report with findings & advice, mostly using Neerventure's Tech Canvas for structure and completeness.

Neerventure's Tech Canvas

Neerventure Tech Canvas | Mindmap

Team Expansion, Building, Coaching & Counseling

Software Development is Team Work.
Building great teams isn't simple though. All too often, there is stuff that makes team members be less productive. All too often, there are the things that aren't said, lingering under the surface. All too often, there are people who just aren't thriving in their current role.
Managers tend to focus on techniques, talents and skills. The fact that above all, a team is about people, is often underestimated. A team will only thrive when all elements converge: personal and team goals meet, communication is connecting and open, and individuals thrive.

Neerventure has the combined expertise & experience of a seasoned CTO and a Business/Mental Coach who can go deeper into personal, work- or communication-related issues.

What really makes [Marc] stand out from his peers is his focus on people. Great teams deliver great products, and Marc's vision is to empower every individual to grow and be the best they can be; in their jobs and beyond. - Mario Grunitz | Former Chief Marketing Officer @ Lobster Ink

It's important to always view people in their total context, which includes the personal stuff they bring into the workplace, explicitly or implicitly.

It helps when a team coach listens and helps to discover how roles and tasks can be optimised to fit the needs of the individuals and boost team culture.

When more in-depth personal or group counseling is needed, our Mental Coach Joke can assist.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Marc van Neerven is a Chief Technology Officer with more than 25 years of experience in Software Development

With a degree in Social Sciences, Marc is not your average tech nerd. However technically skilled and experienced, his focus has always been on the human behind and in front of the software.

His passion is to close the loop from developers to end users, creating a development culture that truly listens to what users want, implement it and feed user perception and interaction back into the creative process.

Business & Mental Coach

Joke Kievit is a Business & Mental Coach & Therapist. In Neerventure, she does team- and individual counseling, management coaching and HR optimisation.

Before focusing on coaching and therapy, she has had a successful career in HR & Recruitment-related commercial business.

Joke's holistic view takes the hidden aspects into account of what defines people and their behaviour in groups/teams.

A persons potential (both in personal life and in work) can be blocked by a limitting belief system, a past which he or she has not yet come to terms with or other causes that can be uncovered and resolved. Joke makes use of (organizational) constellations to uncover and transform limitations. Overall her focus is on on personal leadership and effective, binding, communication.

Why Neerventure?

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    Marc has been in Software Development since 1992, creating a Startup avant la lettre, moving into Enterprise Web Software Development in 1996, and hopping on the Cloud when it first became an option.

    Marc has held the Lead Developer & Architect roles from the start, and the move to being Chief Technology Officer came as a natural thing when he realised that he could add more value sharing his experience and skills.

    Marc has founded software development companies, designed the architecture of highly scalable, global solutions, created and lead agile teams, change-managed companies into lean cloud-born (SaaS) development, and helped startups and scaleups in getting recognised as high potentials in the VC world and in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

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    • Marc's Smartsite Enterprise CMS was awarded Best Dutch Enterprise Web Content Management System seven years in a row, and was one of the first companies in The Netherlands to embrace Azure.
    • Marc's Enterprise Forms Solution (based on the W3C standard XForms) got shortlisted on the W3.org site.
    • Marc's Social Media Management System SocialSensr (later rebranded QBerhood) got raving reviews from Dutch Cowboys & Emerce and Sprout, and got his startup into Microsoft's BizSpark Plus program.
    • Lobster Ink, the E-Learning Company for which Marc initiated a Corporate Startup, was accepted into Microsoft's BizSpark Plus program before even having a beta, and was recognised as a High Potential Azure Startup before it went into production.
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    Understanding the vibe

    Before any startup can become successful, a team must be formed and made productive. Having been around in Software Development for 25 years, in several roles, heading up, leading and coaching Multidisciplinary, Agile teams, Marc has a comprehensive understanding of what makes teams thrive.

    I appreciate Marc's understanding of organisational relations that are involved in change processes - Michiel Ooms | Powerpeers.
    What really makes [Marc] stand out from his peers is his focus on people. Great teams deliver great products, and Marc's vision is to empower every individual to grow and be the best they can be; in their jobs and beyond. - Mario Grunitz | Former Chief Marketing Officer @ Lobster Ink
    [... ] in addition to his technical and leadership skills, Marc brought enthusiasm and positivity to the table whenever he was in the office. - Brenno Baldo | Head of Product Design @ Lobster Ink
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